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From Boss to Host From Boss to Host
is a unique, fresh and amusing book that describes how a welcoming leadership plays a decisive role in successful businesses.
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The Welcoming Difference

"Imagine a world where everyone feel welcomed and expected. A world where children and adults, friends and strangers, co-workers and leaders, customers and guests dare to meet each other with openness and trust. A world where our encounters are guided by dignity, mutual respect and compassion. A world where we connect through our similarities, and create welcoming and inclusive environments that appreciate our differences. We believe that this is something that is essential for true and sustainable success for us as individuals, for our organizations, our societies and in the final end, our planet."

Hostmanship is a practical philosophy that helps people to develop an inclusive culture and behaviour in organizations and places, the foundation for attracting customers, talent and partners. In a world of hyper competition where products, services and prices are becoming similar, the art of welcoming is a determining factor for real and sustainable success.

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Jan Gunnarsson
PUBLICERAD 13/7 2012 12:00:00 AM
Imagine going to work everyday and make a positive difference for people, organizations and societies. We are looking for more partners all over the globe. People who are committed to contribute to a world where everyone feel expected and welcomed. We can offer you a business model, concepts, products, systems and a network of people and organizations that operates meaningful, fun, developing and profitable businesses based on the HOSTMANSHIP PHILOSOPHY. Please contact Alex de Vries at THE HOS...



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Jan Gunnarsson
PUBLICERAD 7/4 2016 4:53:51 PM
Hostmanship is a comprehensive approach built on welcoming clients/patients7visitors, etc as the first stage. The next one is welcoming colleaguses and partners. The third scene of Hostmanship is about welcoming oneself, where everything starts.


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