Inspiration & Training

HOSTMANSHIP DEVELOPMENT GROUP offers inspiration and training in hostmanship. For more than a decade we have been helping businesses and locations to develop a welcoming attitude. Pre-conditions vary from case to case and the journey towards the goal can take many forms. Our contribution may be a single effort or a combination of inputs.

For many businesses the prime goal is getting inspiration and being able to create desire, insight and the will to achieve hostmanship. We take a closer look at what hostmanship can mean to the business or location concerned, and to each individual in the organization. Focus is brought on to creating commitment, participation and responsibility for hostmanship, and a common knowledge base as the starting point for the future work.

How does one make the transition from inspiration to actual change that is tangible in everyday life?
Our training consist of both inspirational lectures and our books, and are based on the philosophy of hostmanship. We use the pre-existing needs, wishes and goals, and connect to other active processes in the business.

The training can be modeled in different ways. This depends on the size of the organization, its requirements, the time it is allowed to take and any other change processes that may need to be connected. We draw up the training together with our clients.

For further information and suggestions please contact Jan Gunnarsson, +46 8 714 08 16

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