About us


We help individuals, businesses and locations to develop a welcoming, involved and open attitude. Our work is based on a practical philosophy of hostmanship, including the basic principles of a welcoming mindset or attitude. Our activities have no connection with any life philosophy, politics or other ethos, but build on experiences gained from real life: our own and those of others.

A force for a welcoming world

We work for a world in which individuals feel expected, valuable and welcome. In which we see the human being in those we meet, behind everything that makes us different on the surface. The goal is to spread the philosophy in different forms all over the world.


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From Boss to Host From Boss to Host
is a unique, fresh and amusing book that describes how a welcoming leadership plays a decisive role in successful businesses.
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Hostmanship Hostmanship
The Art of Making People Feel Welcome A fun-filled and thought-provoking book, full of remarkable stories.
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